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What is coaching?

Coaching is based on the belief that each client is a resourceful expert in his/her own life. Coaches meet clients where they are now and partner with clients to reach where they want to be in life. The client-coach relationship provides an opportunity for clients to look into their lives deeper than they can by themselves and discover new insights. Coaches are catalysts of change who follow clients' needs, listen without judgement, and inquire with curiosity to support clients activating internal strengths, creating SMART plans, and establishing accountability to achieve their desired goals for a thriving life. 


We take an integrative approach to coaching. Encompassing body, mind, and spirit, we believe all aspects on the Wheel of Wellbeing are interconnected to contribute to a person's optimal wellbeing. Clients take the lead to evaluate and decide which areas they want to work on during each coaching session with the coach. It is a strictly client-focused process.

Coaching can take place by phone or video conferencing. Meeting is usually once every two to three weeks for at least three months to ensure lasting transformation. Contact me for a complimentary introduction session.

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